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You have entered my world, Daynomi Dymond. I have been writing all my life, writing is my passion, I do it for the craft. For the expression, the reality of escaping life and making one of my own where I can be comfortable and be myself. Im very comfortable with my sexuality and expressing it is not a problem for me. I would like to open up my diary of tales to you. The dairy of who I am: a young, open minded, sexual, erotic writer who has the ability to capture sexual fantasies as well as reality onto paper and make you feel as one with it, as if you are the actual character. To me, erotica is like a mental stimulation which leaves the body in an enticing state. It deals with not only sex but also passion, and feelings, and these are my passions, and feelings. I like to take risks and explore unique situations, because when it comes to erotic tales there are no limitations with in the mind.The only limits are the ones you make. Come venture into the pages of my diary, let me take you into my world. The world of Daynomi Dymond, where there are no limits to sexual bliss.
I promise you, you will not be disappointed



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